Imperial College Accommodation – A Guide for Students in London

Are you starting your degree studies at Imperial College and searching for your home base? Or perhaps you’re looking for an alternative to Imperial College accommodation for students, but you still want to stay near one of Imperial’s campuses? If you are one of Imperial College’s 17,000+ strong student or a staff member looking for a flat, keep reading to find out about exciting options for living on your own in private accommodation near Imperial College.

Imperial College London Accommodation
Established in 1907, the Imperial College London main campus in South Kensington combines tradition and modernity

Imperial College London’s Campus Locations

Imperial College’s three faculties and business school are spread out across nine campuses located across West London (with the exception of Silwood Park out of the city limits). Depending on your field of study, you will be looking for accommodation near to or within an easy commute to any of those campuses.

  • Charing Cross (the medical teaching and research campus around Charing Cross hospital)
  • Chelsea and Westminster (at the hospital)
  • Hammersmith (located in Hammersmith Hospital Campus)
  • North West London Hospitals Campus (in Harrow and North Acton)
  • Royal Brompton Campus (at the hospital and near Shepherd’s Bush and Fulham)
  • Silwood Park (located in a village near Ascot, outside London)
  • South Kensington, Imperial College’s Main Campus
  • St Mary’s (in a hospital school in Paddington)
  • White City (the research and innovation district campus, close to Hammersmith)


Student Accommodation Near Imperial College London

Browse hundreds of furnishd studio flats for rent in London. All studios come with free WiFi, 24/7 maintenance and utilities included.


Imperial College’s Main Campus

Most undergraduate and postgraduate students attend Imperial’s main campus in South Kensington. A free shuttle bus runs hourly and connects the South Kensington campus to two of Imperial’s other campuses in West London: White City and Hammersmith.

Imperial College south Kensington
Imperial College is in the heart of South Kensington

Surrounding the main campus in South Kensington are some of London’s hallmark buildings such as the Royal Albert Hall and Natural History Museum. This classic, beautiful area, with its leafy avenues and parks, combines quiet residential streets of Georgian and Victorian architecture with cosy cafes, restaurants and shops. Living in this area, you will be immersed in the enchanting parts of West London that have been featured in countless novels and films. This upmarket part of London is accordingly expensive, and many students choose to rent in nearby areas and commute to the Main Campus.

Near Imperial College
The Natural History Museum is one of several landmark buildings in South Kensington

Imperial College offers first year students the possibility of living in student halls. The number of rooms currently available is about 2,500, leaving many to look for private student accommodation near Imperial College. Moreover, some of the halls closest to the Main Campus are known as ‘’party houses” and can be quite noisy at night, which could be great for your social life but not so much for your studies and downtime. Other halls are a fair distance from Imperial’s main campus or are exclusively dedicated to returning students. In any case, after the first year, the vast majority of Imperial College students need to move into private student accommodation as they are no longer guaranteed a place in halls.

Imperial College accommodation: what you’ll need

An easy commute

When you are studying, ideally what you need is a location that is local and easy to get to from your place of study. That’s why looking in the greater Kensington area and nearby neighbourhoods should definitely be a priority. For example, our private student accommodation in West London is near all of Imperial’s central locations. When you decrease your commute to campus, you have more time and energy for your studies. Moreover, living within easy access to campus can enhance your social life. Living in private student accommodation near Imperial College can combine the best of both worlds: a short distance from uni with its advantages, and privacy, peace and quiet that are hard to come by in student halls or shared accommodation.

Privacy and independence

The best accommodation options are geared towards students and young professionals who seek a quiet and relaxing environment. For any individual who is taking their studies seriously, private student accommodation has multiple benefits. When you’re living close by, the support, entertainment and social life that comes with university life is easily accessible. However, you are not constantly bombarded by socializing when you don’t want to be. Because you have your own flat, you can find a place to rest, to study and to relax in.

Private accommodation Imperial College
Private accommodation near Imperial College’s campuses.

A simple renting procedure for students

An issue for many students who are hoping to live alone is that the process can be quite complicated. This handy video guide published by Imperial College highlights some of the potential pitfalls tied into private accommodation that you’ll need to consider, from messy flatmates to additional hidden costs and bureaucratic complications. All these can make renting a flat more confusing, stressful and expensive than it needs to be. Especially if it’s your first time in London. But don’t be discouraged, we offer student accommodation nearby Imperial College that is private, modern and comes fully furnished with all utility bills included. The renting procedure is hassle-free, quick and convenient. What this means is that when you move into a studio flat, you can do so with the knowledge that there’ll be no additional hidden costs, no unwelcome surprises and you’ll quickly and easily settle into your new London life.

Hundreds of Imperial college students have used our services for the following reasons:

Imperial College lists us on their student accommodation portal. Although we’re under the letting agents section (because of the amount of flats we offer), we actually manage the properties, so you rent from us directly. This means there are no additional fees and no middle person to communicate with. You’ll be in control of the whole process. Renting your private student accommodation directly from us means direct communication for any issue you might have. No intermediary agent – without compromising on professional management and maintenance.

We don’t present the same complications as typical private renting. You’ll be amazed to hear that unlike other private studio accommodation, we have never charged students the additional “moving in fees” such as administration, holding fees, a holding deposit, security deposit, tenancy fees, reference check fees, and credit check fees. In fact, most of these were recently legally banned by the government, as many letting agencies took advantage of the high demand and student vulnerability.

Because we have decades of experience managing properties, you can be assured that any technical, maintenance or other issues will be dealt with promptly. We take the comfort and security of our residents very seriously, and you can contact our maintenance team 24/7. We address any maintenance or other issues promptly and efficiently. You can read our testimonials to see how we take good care of our student tenants. We specialise in renting studio flats for students and young professional accommodation and the specific needs that you may have. For example, renting periods are flexible and you can rent for a period of fewer than 12 months.

Renting for the academic year only

Our long lettings are defined as 6-12 months. With many landlords and agencies, if you rent for a period shorter than one year, you will need to pay an early termination fee. This fee is, at the moment, “capped at the landlord’s loss or the agent’s reasonable incurred costs”, which could mean quite a lot of money (source). When you rent one of our studio flats in London, you can rent for less than a year with no additional fees!

Private student accommodation in West Kensington

South Kensington, where Imperial’s main campus is located, is renowned for its classic architecture and its collection of landmark sites: Kensington Gardens, which are home to Kensington Palace, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, as well as the Royal Albert Hall and the Victoria and Albert Museum are just some of these. This area was developed in the mid-19th century by Prince Albert to showcase some of the scientific and cultural achievements of Britain and is a popular tourist destination. The downside to its affluence is that, accordingly, it is one of the most expensive areas in London for renting properties. However, you can still live affordably in the greater borough of Kensington. West Kensington is a mere half hour’s scenic walk, a 15 minute cycle or an equally short tube ride away from South Kensington and Imperial College’s Main Campus.

Private student accommodation near Imperial College
West Kensington is a quiet residential area close to Imperial College’s main campus and the White City and Hammersmith campuses

Whether you study at the Main Campus, at the Hammersmith Campus or at the White City Campus, student living in West Kensington will give you easy accessibility to your classes. It is also close to Charing Cross Hospital, another of Imperial’s campus locations. West Kensington is increasingly populated by a cosmopolitan ”stream of young professionals”. In fact, more than half of West Kensington’s residents have a degree, while a similar percentage are single. It is a quiet residential area, but is also very central. You can enjoy the best of both worlds: a quiet retreat to study when you need to, and a lively outdoor life when you want to clear your head. The North End Road offers diverse shopping opportunities during the day, including a large outdoor market, and vibrant restaurants, bars and music venues by night, while thriving Earl’s Court is just a stone’s throw away. If you need to access the Charing Cross hospital campus, it is within walking distance.

Earl’s Court and Hammersmith private student accommodation

Besides our West Kensington accommodation, we also offer accommodation in Earl’s Court, directly adjacent to South Kensington. This is a vibrant neighbourhood with abundant recreation, shopping, eating and nightlife options. If you want to rent private student accommodation near Imperial College, this location is as close as you can get within walking distance! This area is also convenient for the Royal Brompton hospital.

Private student accommodation in Hammersmith
Hammersmith is well connected to all of London and is a popular choice for many students at Imperial College

We also rent out studios in Hammersmith & Fulham, across from the Charing Cross hospital campus. The Hammersmith & Fulham area is another popular hub for young professionals and students. This area is highly convenient for commuting to Imperial’s Main Campus and its campuses in Hammersmith and White City, as well as the Royal Brompton hospital, the Chelsea and Westminster hospital and the North West hospital campuses.

Private student accommodation west London
Having your own space in private student accommodation near Imperial College can make a difference in both your studies and your free time

Private student accommodation in Pimlico

Pimlico is at the heart of central London and one of its most iconic neighbourhoods. It is quiet and residential despite its prime central location. In this upscale area, we offer quality private student accommodation in a classic Georgian building, a mere 6-minute tube ride (or a 20-minute bus ride) from South Kensington.

Private student accommodation SW London
Pimlico is a central and high end area of London with easy access to Imperial College via public transportation

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